We adhere to the International Software Qualifications Board (ITSQB) best practices code and IEEE Software Testing Standards



Our History

TQA Consulting was founded in 2018 by three professionals, one with experience in establishing and implementing testing framework in large organisations, one with in-depth experience in managing a large consulting practice and one with exceptional recruitment knowledge and track record. The company was built upon values and principles that would provide an authentic market alternative for testing services. TQA have continued to grow and build a practice of like-minded, purposeful people that are part of a family.

Our Experience

We have extensive experience in the IT sector in both the private and public sectors, having performed a variety of software testing roles in a diverse range of industries as well as establishing several practices of Software Testing Solutions. Our TQA senior consultants have been also responsible for the management and successful delivery of strategic projects and programmes of work in large organisations.


Our Purpose

TQA consultants are leaders in the IT discipline of software testing; our team members have an extensive background in all aspects of software testing, having worked on various systems; including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) , Web Based and Mobile applications, in a diverse range of industries within the government and private sectors.


We have a range of testing roles available to suit your level of test expertise. Whether you are a Test Analyst or a Test Manager, we are looking for the brightest candidates.

Our Values







Creating Business Values with Mature Quality Assurance Practices