Benefits of Software Testing

The effectiveness of finding defects by testing and reviews can be improved by using independent testers. For large, complex or safety critical projects, it is usually best to have multiple levels of testing, with some or all of the levels performed by independent testers.

1) Software Testing is part of the software development process. It performs the root cause analysis which helps in making it more efficient.

2) Any software does not necessarly work alone. Sometimes it has to integrate and function with other existing legacy systems. In such cases software testing gives a much needed assurance that it will work satisfactory and its performamnce won't get affected due to the integration.

3) Software Testing assist in identifying and ficing defects before the software or the application becomes operational, the risk of failure can be reduced considerably.

4) Reliability of software can be measured by certification or its conformity with any ste technical standard. This usually assist in creating confidence and a robust business relationship.

5) Software Testing is carried out keeping the end user in mind. With forward planning for the scenarios that the end user will encounter, tests are carried out and their accuracy and effciency are noted for any discrepancies.