Functional Testing

IIt is basically the testing of the functions of component or the system is done. It refers to activities that verify a specific action or function of the code. The techniques used for functional testing are often specification-based.

Functional Testing is defined as a type of testing which verifies that each function of the software application operates in conformance with the requirement specification. This testing mainly involves black box testing and it is not concerned about the source code of the application.

The prime objective of Functional testing is checking the functionalities of the software system. It mainly concentrates on:

  • Mainline functions:  Testing the main functions of an application
  • Basic Usability: It involves basic usability testing of the system. It checks whether a user can freely navigate through the screens without any difficulties.
  • Accessibility:  Checks the accessibility of the system for the user
  • Error Conditions: Usage of testing techniques to check for error conditions.  It checks whether suitable error messages are displayed.

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