A large Government Utility was seeking the services of a highly experienced Senior Test & Quality Assurance consultant to deliver a Test Governance Framework. The key objective of this was to standardise the organisation’s test processes and formalise the strategic methodology in the practice of testing. It was believed that done right, this would minimise clinical, functional and administrative risks. TQA Consulting were engaged to define, establish and implement a Test Governance Framework for the Utility.


The Test Governance Framework delivered was based on proven testing principles and
practices formed from industry recognised and accepted quality assurance practices that
closely aligned with the Utility’s applied Project Management Framework.
The project was delivered in two (2) Stages;

Stage 1 - Establish and Implement Priority Test Governance Framework Artefacts

TQA focused on identifying and developing the test artefacts required to complement the
overarching test governance framework’s associated policies, principles, standards,
methodologies and processes.
Documents developed and delivered during this stage included;
     • Test Policy
     • Test Strategy
     • Defect Management
     • Test Templates
     • Test Plan (including
Master & Test Level/Type)
     • Test Summary Report
     • Test Closure Report

Stage 2 - Delivery, Education and
Promotion of the Test Governance Framework

We concentrated on the delivery, education and promotion of the Test Governance
Framework across the Utility. The approach for this stage was to:
     • Establish a working party and document its objectives to maintaining the Test
Governance Framework
     • Development of a complete implementation, education and training program


As a result of the successful delivery of the Test Governance Framework, they realised a
significant number of benefits; including, but not limited to:
     • Introduction of a standard, structured and consistent approach to testing delivering
higher quality product
     • Improved & consistent management, monitoring and reporting of the test process
     • Improved, maintainable and re-useable documents and templates
     • Improved retention of test evidence and other test artefacts for future reference, reuse
and audit purposes


Embedded Capabilities via Skills Transfer