A large Government agency in Northern Territory was seeking the services of a highly experienced Senior Test & Quality Assurance consultant to perform a Test Process Improvement Assessment of their current test capability across its ICT projects and business as usual production supported system’s releases. TQA Consulting provided a Test Director who was engaged to perform the Test Process Improvement Assessment.


The methodology used to evaluate their testing capabilities was based on a proven
Industry-Standard framework, derived from the practical knowledge and experiences of
professionals within the field of software testing.
After consultation with the agency, consensus was reach on the main objectives of the
evaluation, which were to:
     • Obtain a clear understanding of current test process competencies within each of
the ICT Business Units;
     • Baseline the test process maturity level;
     • Identify test process strengths and weaknesses; and
     • Provide test process improvement
The approach taken for this assessment
included the following activities:
     • Interviewing nominated participants;
     • Capturing results of evaluation;
     • Reviewing and analysing information
     • Provision of an Assessment Report; and
     • Presentation of recommended improvements.
Our consultant worked closely with stakeholders within the testing and quality domain,
performing interviews and workshops as well as assessing internal documentation and
other assets, observing testing and other related processes.


Several key findings were identified as a result of the Test Process Improvement
Assessment, all of which were documented in an Assessment Report with supporting test
process improvement recommendations.

The report was presented to the Senior Management Team, and the value of TQA’s
approach validated when all the recommendations were accepted by TQA’s client. As a
result of this process, a Test Governance Framework project was initiated, to define and
implement the recommendations as detailed in the Test Process Assessment Report.


Significantly Reduced Total Cost