How can we help?

As a candidate, we are about more than finding your next role or assignment. We’re committed to empowering you in many other ways that will support your career. Cathara has a reputation for sourcing and attracting the top candidates in a number of skill areas. Although the majority of our talent search is by recommendation and through our intensive network, we definitely would like to hear from you.

Contracting Personnel

We have been helping our clients make their transformation projects a reality and working with them as they effectively carry out their initiatives. We mobilise potential to optimise results.

Our professional contractors are motivated and experienced, and have the expertise needed to transfer our know-how to our clients and ensure they take ownership of it once the assignment is completed. Our goal: deliver tangible results to maximise your competitive edge.

Permanent Personnel

Our culture is based on recognising talent and assisting organisations to benefit from your experience. We have high expectations and focus on results. Yet we are flexible, so you will find the right balance between your professional and personal lives.

We provide a unique working environment that is dynamic, stimulating and enjoyable. You are encouraged to contribute your knowledge and experiences gained in the field into the new organisation. We empower you to take initiatives and drive projects.



Our broad reach and deep networks result in a strong pool of candidates for our clients


We work to position our clients in the mind of candidates as employers-of-choice


Our technical knowledge, interviewing techniques and our warm approach allow us to identify the best candidates

Rigorous Screening Process

Face-to-face Interviews

The formal interview is an important step in assessing the candidate’s suitability against the requirements of the role. The team is trained in the art of interview techniques to ensure we capture the information required to make an accurate assessment. Along with identifying quality skill sets and technical abilities, we focus heavily on professional attributes and traits that would add value to the client organisation.

Working in conjunction with the client, we can also prepare tailored interview questions and assessments to further assist in identifying the right fit.

Trusted Industry Sources

Our difference is our specialised approach in having the technical understanding and in-depth knowledge of the market, being able to resource quality candidates quickly and efficiently. Over the years we have built a true referral network. We know first-hand the skills and qualities that make professionals great contractors or employees.    

Psychometric Profiling

Understanding the personality strengths and values of a potential employee would give you insights into understanding their work style and motivations, cultural fit and overall employment suitability. We better manage performance by aligning performance goals with individual work style, better identifying professional strengths and areas for improvement, providing a cohesive and empowering work environment and building stronger teams by having a sound understanding of the synergies of the individual team members.  Cathara offer the following tests:

  • MPSI (Multiphasic Personality Sociopathy Inventory) - test that measures personality attributes including sociopathy. This measures suitability against standard profiles for BA, PM, PMO and line manager roles.
  • PTTS (Personality Traits of Top Salespeople) - this measures the match for traits of top salespeople. It is based on research into traits of sales people who also fit the standards of Cathara Consulting.
  • MPSIA (Administrator) - similar to the standard MPSI, but with questions focused on Administrators, and measured against a standard Administrator profile.
  • MPSIF (Financial) - includes standard MPSI questions but with additional questions focused on financial controllers, finance clerks and accountants and measured against a standard finance staff profile.