Test Management

This is the activity of managing all test related requirements, including the development, organising and controlling of test resources, test artifacts, test activities and their underlying test processes.

Whether the requirement is for an application software development project or post production maintenance support lifecycle, our Test Management team have a proven track record when it comes to improving quality in the development and enhancement of software products.

We achieve this by ensuring a structured testing framework is in place throughout the entire test effort, in line with the methodology undertaken: from the initial requirements analysis through to the implementation stage of the software package being released into a production environment.

Many of our consultants have an extensive background in Test Management, including in-depth experience with the detailed planning (design), developing (preparation) and execution of all activities within the testing lifecycle, comprising of timely status reporting to relevant stakeholders.

Our Test Management consultants follow well established project management principles, ensuring the overall test assignment is successfully accomplished within the required timeline and budget.

If you have a requirement for test management services within your organisation, project or programme of work, contact us and speak with one of our consultants today.